Using lightbox slides with a quiz

Oct 27, 2022

I am having an issue with incorporating lightbox slides into my quiz.

On one multi-choice quiz slide, I have two buttons...

Button 1 has a trigger set to lightbox a video slide.  This seems to work fine.

Button 2 has a trigger to submit the multichoice question and to jump to the next quiz question slide which I have specified the slide number of. 

When I preview this part of the quiz, when I click button 2, instead of it going to the slide I have specified, it goes to the video slide which is only supposed to be an optional lightbox. 

I've double and triple checked all my triggers and can't find an issue there. I've also made sure the quiz results slide isn't counting the light-box slide.   Has anyone else had problems with this? Is there any reason you can't have lightboxes in a quiz?

Thanks, Kim. 

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