Using multiple variable conditions in a trigger

Jun 19, 2023

I have a slide with three buttons. Each displays a layer, sets a unique variable to True, and displays a button to return to the base layer. Once the user has visited all three layers, in any order, and all three variables = True and the user is back on the base layer, I want a layer displaying a Continue (to next slide) button to appear.

What I would like is a Trigger that reads, "Show layer Continue when all three variables = True." But I can only indicate one variable, not all three in the When field of the trigger. I can list the variable values in Conditions, but I have no When. Users can select the buttons in any order. I don't want them to have the option to Continue until they have visited all three.

I tried using "when timeline starts" with the variables values in Conditions, but the Continue layer did not display. I added a textbox with the variables referenced for troubleshooting. All three are setting to True when desired. Why is the Continue layer not displaying and how can I make this work? 

Thank you in advance!

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Brigina Daniels

Hello, I have a grid with nine boxes that I want learners to click. I've set it up so that each box toggles between states ("normal" and "clicked") when it's clicked. I created the variable "v_box_count" with a beginning value of "0" to count the number of boxes that have been clicked. I also created variables for each box: "v_clicked1", "v_clicked2", v_clicked3", "v_clicked4", v_clicked5", v_clicked6", v_clicked7", v_clicked8", and "v_clicked9". All of those variables have a beginning value of "false" and toggle when the learner clicks the corresponding box. I want Storyline to count each box click and display the number in the box in the order that it's clicked. If the learner clicks the box twice in a row, I want Storyline to remove that click from the count and return the box to its normal state. At the end, I want all nine boxes numbered in the order they were clicked. The problem I keep running into is that as other boxes are clicked Storyline continues to update the "v_box_count" variable (regardless of the "v_clicked#" value for that box). How do I work around this? Thank you!