Using number pad in Storyline 360

Sep 15, 2017

Hi, I'm building a software simulation in Storyline 360, that is made up entirely of shortcut key and text entry style freeform questions, no click boxes. Pressing numbers are the action needed in most cases to advance the slides. 

The client wants to be able to use the number pad on the side of the keyboard. Ideally, they would like the numbers across the top of the board to work too. That was giving us issues, so we were focusing on getting just the number pad to work first.

We have been unable to get these keys to work consistently though, we have to keep switching Num Lock on and off from question to question, and even then, it doesn't always work.

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Glenn Jones

Hi Chris

I've just had a quick play with this and I had to add two triggers to make both the top row of numbers and keypad work - don't know if you've done this already.

In the attached SL2 example, pressing either of the number 2 keys should take you to the second slide.

If you turn NUM LOCK off, hitting 2 on the keypad won't do anything.

I guess if you want to cover all of the bases, you need a third trigger to capture the event in case they have NUM LOCK switched off...

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