Using previously recorded video screencasts in a new story

Oct 15, 2012


Can I only use the screen recording in the story file it's created in?
(I have created and used screen recordings successfully.)

1. I record a screen recording and insert as 'Try me' in story 'A'. Works fine.

2. I record a screen recording and insert as 'Try me' in story 'B'. Works fine.

3. I thought I'd be able to create story 'C' and insert the screen recordings from A and B, but they are not listed under the 'Record' icon dropdown; is this correct? It says 'Your project has no screen recordings."

Do I have to insert them some other way?

Thanks guys.

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Kevin Thorn

Hey Richard,

Screencasts are proprietary to the .story file you created them in. As you know, you can record several and only use a few within a project and when you return, those unused screencasts will always be available within that .story file.

When you open a new .story file, there's no way of it knowing or capable of looking into another project file for those screencasts. I

There's no current way of saving recorded screencasts that I know of. One option is to create a single slide screencast .story file > publish > and then grab the .mp4 and save it off to a "screencast library." Just thinking out loud as the more I think about it, that would lock it as a single video playback and probably lose the step-by-step option if you were to bring it back in.

f you're familiar with graphic editing tools like Photoshop or Illustrator you can sync files to a project. That would be a great feature request allowing to you have the option of saving off previously recorded screenacsts to a synced library for later use.

Gerry Wasiluk

If you have the screencasts in just one project, you can also do a "Save As" and use that that new Storyline file as the basis of your new course, just deleting all the slides in it from the first course that you do not need.

If more than one project with screencasts, you probably have to export as MP4.

I also remember folks trying to bring them with the import slide feature and this not working.  Thought some folks were going to report this as bug or as a feature request.

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