Using states to determine slide completion

Dec 14, 2015

Hi there, 

I am currently using states to determine if a slide (that has multiple layers) is complete. I added a trigger that allowed the next button to return to normal when all of the sections on the slide were visited. 

Each layer has a continue button that returns the user back to the base layer.

At this point the triggers are working and the next button views and functions as normal once all of layers are visited. However if the user clicks on the continue button after all of the areas have been viewed, they are returned to the base slide and then the next button becomes disabled again. 

I have moved the trigger location to the top of the list on the base slide. If I change the continue button it means that if they user clicks on the areas out of order then they will lose the next function as well. 

Does anyone have suggestions? What am I missing? 


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