Using Storyline 1- Turn off rectangles when audio stops

Mar 24, 2015


I have created a slide with several layers.  On the Home Page Layout layer, I ask the user to click on each tab to get more info about each tab.  Currently, if you click the home tab, rectangles will begin to appear when I talk about each grouping.  If you click the page or layout tabs, the audio stops, but the rectangles will continue to appear while you are listening to the page or layout tab.

I have tried changing the state from normal to hidden when the hotspot for the tabs are clicked or when the media completes.  They still appear.  

Any ideas?



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Sheri Nelson

If you click the circle with the 2, for the home, page, layout layer to appear, click the home tab.  The initial audio will stop and the home tab audio will play.  You will see the rectangles continue from the initial audio.  Or, after you click the home tab and the audio starts to play, click page or layout.  You will see the rectangles continue to show up for items on the home tab while the audio is playing for the new it you clicked.

I need a way to hide them if the media stops rather than media completes.

Leslie McKerchie

Thank you Sheri, I understand what I am looking at now.

The rectangles continue to show up because that's where you have placed them on the timeline. 

When I click the number 2, the red boxes show up if I do nothing further as well.

Not sure if you'd like to utilize different layers for each of these 'clicks', have it automatically play without user interaction, or set triggers for each box.

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