Using Storyline 360 with ARM version of Windows 10

Jan 02, 2021

Hi, about 1 month ago I was using Storyline 360 on an Intel iMac using Parallels Virtual Machine and Windows 10. Happy to say it all worked perfectly. Since then I have bought the new M1 Mac Mini. In order to run Parallels new ‘Universal’ version of their Virtual Machine (which is the only version that will run on the M1), I can only use an ARM version of Windows 10. 
Does anyone know if Storyline 360 will work on the ARM version of Windows 10?

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Edward Gough the middle of an urgent project at the moment. As a temporary solution I am running Storyline on a borrowed laptop - so don’t want to start messing around with switching Storyline between Mac and PC computers. I know there other SL users out there using Parallels, but maybe too earlier to be using it on the new M1.