Using Storyline and Rise on PC and Mac?

Nov 27, 2018

I have a Mac work laptop where all of my projects need to sit on to collaborate. It has been a pain to get Storyline to work in the virtual environment. I love Mac, but apparently Articulate doesn't. I do have an old PC desktop I can download Storyline to. Could I work on my PC desktop and send the project over to my work laptop for others to review and edit (remotely)? Also can I build Storyline blocks on the desktop and then send over to Rise on my work laptop? Thanks.

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Alyssa Gomez

Great question, Frances! 

You can create and edit Storyline 360 projects, then send those files to other Storyline users to edit and review. Keep in mind those reviewers will also need Storyline installed on their PC.

You can also publish the file to Articulate 360, and anyone who has the link can review your published course on PC or Mac. 

Finally, you can develop Storyline slides on your PC, publish those slides to Articulate 360, then continue working in Rise from your Mac.

Let me know if that answers your questions!

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