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Brian Dennis

The last few lines of the dump suggest the Flash version installed on your desktop mismatches the laptop. I believe version information can be seen by right clicking on content when flash content is displayed in a browser. A quick web search would point you to other ways you might find this information.

Ali Goulet

Hi Lou,

Thanks for reaching out here! How are you transferring your files to the desktop machine from the laptop? When moving files from one computer to another, you'll want to make sure to zip the file on your local drive before moving it. Then on the new machine, be sure to put the zipped file on your local drive before fully extracting and accessing it. This will help prevent corruption in the file itself.

If you've been following this suggested workflow, I'de like to know if this is only happening in that one file or if you're seeing it in any file you're attempting to preview in Storyline 2 on your desktop. Importing your slides into a new file may fix this if the former is the issue or you may need to repair your software to fix erratic behavior if the latter.

Also, please check out our minimum system requirements for Storyline 2 to make sure that your desktop computer meets them.