Using Storyline module as a digital workbook during a f2f session

Aug 16, 2022


I've recently been tasked with creating a digital version of a workbook that can be used during a face to face workshop. The idea is that delegates can use this on a tablet during the session to see course notes/diagrams but still turn pages/move slides much in the same that they would with a paper workbook. So it doesn't necessarily need to be controlled by a trainer at all. Tracking is also not an issue, as when the session is done, we will just reset the module.

I'd like delegates to make use of sliders, dials etc so I think e-learning may work better than a word doc or powerpoint viewed on tablets.

I was thinking of using storyline for this and uploading to AWS. I also thought that a few slides could have a text input for delegates reflections at certain points, which maybe could then be emailed or exported as PDF if possible?

I'm still very much in the early stages of all this but wondered if anybody had any suggestions or ideas about this? (or if anyone has done anything similar before even?)


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Matt Mason

Hi Judy, thanks for the reply. Ideally i'd like some slides to be interactive using things such as a dial or slider, as well as text inputs for reflections. I've been tasked with adding something digital to make the course 'next level' and while word/powerpoint are good suggestions I just don't feel it gives it that extra something to make the course seem different to normal. Thanks for the suggestion though - i'll edit the post to add about interactivity. Matt

Judy Nollet

Thanks for clarifying, Matt. 

Here's another option: Use Short Answer and/or Essay Survey Questions for the student notes.

  • You could design those slides so they don't look like survey questions. For example, use Slide Properties to remove the Submit button and to include the Prev & Next buttons. Then add the Submit [Short Answer/Essay] trigger to the Next button (or a custom button).

You'll also need to include a Survey Results slide. Again, you can design it to look any way you want. Include a Print Results button on that, and the program will create a page with all the "answers" that the learner entered. 

  • Caveat: You can't control how this page looks. It is what it is. 
  • I vaguely recall seeing a Forum post about using other programming (possibly JavaScript) to create/export custom PDFs. You could try searching for that sort of solution.