Using Storyline to create course evaluation form

Apr 14, 2015

My client wants me to create a course evaluation form using Storyline, that uses a Likert scale for respondents to rank their feedback about a series of courses. How do I use Storyline to only contain a Survey?

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Tyson Priddle

Has anyone else had experience on the reporting side of an inbuilt course evaluation tool using Storyline and SCORM? It appears the easiest way is to embed a surveymonkey type web object and get course evaluation survey data that way. 

What is everyone doing to get around this when it's unknown what the LMS capabilities are? What is best practice?

Tyson Priddle

Thanks Leslie, I've read and I'm across both those excellent blog posts.  Our client has restrictions with external sites so it is challenging having this sit outside the package. We are hoping that we can use and embed Google Forms with our client to leverage as it has great reporting. I'll report back on our findings. 

From an Articulate Storyline 2 tool perspective it would certainly be a recommendation to look into including a direct link from the survey activity data into some sort of user friendly administration area with simple survey reports. I'm aware different LMS and LRS/TinCan will provide increased reporting, however a simplistic administration function to view survey results is often what most of our clients are calling for and many clients don't have the skillset or the $ to create their own reports or purchase another tool in addition to Storyline.  


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