Using tab does will not enable next trigger

Apr 09, 2019

I've got a course where there are 4 input boxes on the slide. I have a trigger to set the next button to active once all 4 boxes have data. This works perfectly if they use a mouse to navigate from box to box.

My users are using tab rather than the mouse to navigate between the boxes. If they tab between the boxes and add the input to the boxes the trigger doesn't work. My next button stays inactive even though all criteria has been met. (not blank and visited) Any suggestions on how I can fix this?

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Noel Read

You could try using different triggers, based on points. 1 point gets added when the learner tabs into the box and the next button only changes to a normal state when each of the boxes has a point. I created mine using layers and it worked when I tested it out using tabbing instead of clicking. I've attached a pic of my triggers.

Tracy Windsor

YOU ROCK!!!! woot woot that did it.  Now if I can just get the next not to appear if a  layer is on the screen I'll be good to go. :) hint hint :)

The layer appears if someone types something other than 1-4 or if one of the other boxes has the same number as a previous number. If they are on that last input box and type a duplicate number or the number 5, the layer popup appears but the next is now available. so it's possible to advance with nothing in the input box.

Tracy Windsor

I made a 'generic' version with just 4 slides. On the first three slides if you have entered data into all the input boxes, but on last input box you enter a duplicate number, a popup message appears, but so does the next button since it has lost focus. I need the user to be able to clear the message and enter a new number before next becomes active. I've tried to disable it on the layer but it stays disabled. I don't want to reset the timeline and make them start the slide over. I'm up for suggestions :)

Noel Read

Hi, if you add another trigger to the Try Again PDAEE layer (pic attached) the Next button will not enable if they enter a number that has already been used. But if they then enter another number that has already been used, the Next button will enable. Can't seem to stop that. So they get an extra try on not duplicating a number.

If this works in the way you want it to you might want to add the extra trigger onto all the layers - in case they don't enter the numbers from top to bottom.

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