Using Tab, Enter, or Arrow Keys to navigate through textboxes

Feb 28, 2018

Hi Everyone,

When creating a crossword puzzle, is there a way to trigger the Tab or Enter  or arrow keys so that when a user types a letter in the box, the user can press those keys rather than having to click the next square after typing a letter, so that next box for that word becomes the active textbox?

Thank you,


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, John!  Tab is used for accessibility purposes on slide content.  You can have a look at your tab order and see if you can make any changes there, however.  

I think tabbing might be the best way to go to avoid clicking one box to the next, but since crosswords are vertical and horizontal, the vertical boxes will likely challenge you.  Here's an example crossword template you could compare to your project.

I'm interested in hearing from the other community members on crossword setups!

John Blum

A little bit of JavaScript code to move to a named textbox when pressing a tab, enter, or arrow key might work also, and give you complete control to enable the user to move to another textbox for a word in any direction.

Can anyone write that little piece of JavaScript?

Enabling and controlling user navigation and other triggered actions within a slide by pressing any specified keyboard key would be a nice new feature.

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