Using text to speech for course time estimate

Jul 16, 2019

I'm currently experimenting with using 360's text to speech tool to estimate course length. Since I have to include the VO script in the Notes tab anyway, I can build the text to speech pretty quickly. When the actual VO file is created, I can remove the TTS audio and replace it.

It's not foolproof - there will always be other variables for quizzes and so on, and maybe some layers with no audio, but it gives me a pretty fair ballpark.


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Bob O'Donnell

We use it to fill the gap for review purposes until we get real narration.

A couple of people I know use it the way you are for the same purpose. It gives a fairly close estimate of student seat time. If you have to include closed captioning I would wait for the real audio before attempting to set it up. As a rough time estimate for a course this approach works.

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