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Olga Anishchenkova

Hello, I have the same problem with my quiz slide (attached).

I have set the correct and incorrect buttons but the triggers don't work for some bizarre reason (it is bizarre to me of course).

It would be of great help if someone could check what am I doing wrong.

Thank you!!!

Wendy Farmer

Hi Olga

try this:

The Correct button trigger should have the AND operator in the trigger and the Incorrect button trigger should have the OR ( if any of those entries are wrong - the answer is wrong)

...here's a tip I use

I set up the correct trigger with all the correct responses then the incorrect button I change to selected IF THE Correct button is not selected so you don't need all the conditions.

Hope that helps.


Hi. Im trying to learn multiple fill in the blank. I attached the file.

I've tried so many times but I could not :( 

I need;

multiple true/false and

multiple fill in the blank alternatives. 


I've watched these videos over and over again but my problem isn't solved

I think you can help me. 

Slide 1.22. What is wrong?