Using the Mobile Player with LMS

Oct 23, 2014

In looking around the forum I seem to be coming to the conclusion that the Articulate mobile player simply will not work with an LMS, or any system that is behind a password protected log-in.

Am I right about this?  (I'm hoping I'm not...)




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Ken Teutsch

OK...  Our version of Blackboard does support the Tin Can API, so I published a project using that setting.  (This project has worked correctly previously using SCORM 1.2)

However, when I upload that package, I get an error message stating that the package is not in the proper format: is not a valid RusticiSoftware.ScormContentPlayer.Logic.TinCan.TinCanActivityType

(That URL in the error message has nothing to do with my project; it goes to an Advanced Distributed Learning page that defines "course.")

Anybody seen this?  Is there a particular version of Tin Can that is supported which I can check for?  Other suggestions?


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