Using the submit button as a button to also complete the course


I am currently working on a course where I am putting together an assessment, where I would like the participant to answer all the questions (without getting any feedback) and to click submit at the end which would end/ complete the course. Is there a way to do this? 



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Romy!  You can have your learners submit all of their answers at the end by enabling the Previous and Next buttons on the player and disabling the Submit button for each question. 

After the last question, you'll still need to have a Results slide to score the questions and submit the results to your LMS.  The great thing about Storyline is that you can format your Results slide to look any way you'd like, as long as the trigger to submit the result is present.  

Try adding a trigger to the Results slide to exit the course when the timeline of the Results slide ends.