Using the Survey and results slides

Hi! Long time reader, first time posting . I'm wondering if anyone knows how to use a Survey slide in Storyline to capture student answers to poll questions and then have a results slide that pulls all student answers so that they can see what everyone responded? I know that you can embed a poll as a web object but the problem with that is that we do not want to be forced to go back and reset the poll every quarter so that students aren't seeing what last quarter students answered. Any suggestions?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Andrea and welcome to  Heroes!

Reporting on survey results seems to be something LMS dependent - I've heard a number of users say that their LMS was unable to show the individual results or a group aggregate. If you're using Articulate Online, you would be able to see the responses there. 

For either scenario, you'll need to include a results slide to submit the survey responses. Community members here may have other methods/ideas that they are utilizing though such as the discussion in this thread about reporting it to a Google doc.