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May 18, 2012

I started my query under Tutorials/ Adding and Editing Triggers:

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Hi there! I am trying to avoid the RESOURCES tab, but still want my students to download a PDF file.

To do so, I've set a JUMP to URL/FILE trigger to a button on one of the slides; however, once published, the button doesn't  triggers any action.

I even tried by setting the path of the file to the "external_files" folder Storyline generated when I checked the resouce tab.

Does anyone know if downloading files using triggers is possible? Please drop me a hint.

Regards from Buenos Aires,


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David Anderson

Thanks, Gonzalo!

When you test your movie, how do you do it? Are you loading the story.html file? story.swf? Preview or Publish?

Publishing the file works for me. At first, I thought the space in the file name might have been the issue, but it works fine either way.

What isn't working is when I launch the story.swf... It only works when I launch story.html.

Gonzalo Rosetti

Thanks David for your cooperation.

I can see I have been doing what I should; however, it must be an issue with the browsers.

I ran your file in Firefox, Chrome and Safari and it did not open in any of them even though the button looked to be being triggered

Do you know what can be blocking the PPT to be downloaded when the button is triggered?

This can happen to students as well when the course is published.

Thank you in advance,


David Anderson

Okay, do you want to try this? I uploaded your published course to our temp server:

Can you try that to see if it works? Maybe there's a local security setting that's preventing it from loading locally? If this doesn't work, I'll ask you to submit a formal support ticket so we can better troubleshoot what's going on.

Also, just to be super safe Here's the process I'm using to add the triggers and link to the files:

Gonzalo Rosetti

HI David,

Here are 3 video clips so you can see what I have been doing.

I guess I am doing what you did; however, buttons do not trigger any action either in the project you sent me and the one I generated (both ran from my computer).

Buttons DO work in the online proyect you shared.

And you know something else? I've run the online proyect and the offline one on the same browser (Explorer) and buttons only triggered in the online version. The video clips might clarify this better.

Hope you can shed some light

Will Findlay

Have you tried doing something like the following (setting the trusted location in Flash) to get the offline version working?

Instead of typing "W:\" you would type wherever the location is of the offline version, for example, if it is on your hard drive, you could just use "C:\"

Gonzalo Rosetti

Thank you Will, Problem solved!

I granted the permission and the buttons triggered the downloads.

However, as this module will be offered both online and offline, and I don't want my students to go through the process of setting trusted locations in Flash (many lack computing skills);

is there a way to have the buttons triggering downloads without setting a trusted location? Just as files are available from the RESOURCE menu, since downloads were available before I changed the settings in Flash.

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