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Jun 20, 2013

I am a newbie at variables.  My brain doesn't seem to work that way, so I need some help!  I have read the tutorials but I still need assistance.  I am trying to only make a next button work on the first slide of a scene if all the slides have been viewed.  Any ideas?

Here is what I am thinking:

Make a trigger on each slide to say it was viewed.  How??

Connect the next button on the first slide to the triggers.

I obviously need help filling in the gaps.

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Dennis Hall

Hi Poppy:

While on any slide in your project, create a new True / False variable named Scene#Completed (where number is the number of the scene). Make this varialbe have a default value of False.

For each scene you have in your project, create a Scene#Completed True / False variable.

Go to the last slide on the each scene and add a trigger to the player next button.

The trigger will be the top trigger, before the jump to slide trigger of the player next button.

This new trigger will be configured as follows:

Action: Adjust variable

Variable: Scene#Completed

Value: True

When: User click Next button

Go to the first slide and chane the trigger of the player next button.

Configure the trigger as follows:

Jump to slide

Next slide

When user clicks

Object next button

Click Show conditions link

Click the green + button

While having variables selected, click the If menu and select Scene1Completed

operator: is equal to

Type: Value

Value True.

Click the green + button to add your next trigger (for Scene2Completed) to the button  and so on.

I have attached a story file for your reference.

I hope this makes it easier for you.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

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