Using variables for custom quiz feedback, is it possible?

Jul 13, 2012

What I'm hoping to do is create a slide after the standard quiz results slide that displays the questions and answers to only the items that were incorrectly answered. I don't want to show feedback after every question but I do want people to know which ones (if any) they got wrong and what the correct answer is. I don't want to allow them to review the entire quiz.

I've created a variable for each question and set the default value at 0. I've set the correct answer choice to set the variable to 1. The incorrect choices keep it at 0. Then on my feedback slide I've made a layer for each question and set them to display if the value of their variable is 0 (i.e. they answered the question incorrectly). But alas my logic fails me as nothing displays on my feedback slide no matter whether I answer correctly or incorrectly. Am I missing something or just going about it wrong?


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Brett Rockwood

No worries, it is early...

This isn't exactly what I was looking for but really close and it gives me a few ideas that may make it work.

I was hoping to have the incorrect results appear dynamically perhaps on layers of a results slide that can be customized. I was able to make that work by assigning a variable to each question, e.g. Q1var, Q2var, Q3var, etc. and then having layers for each question that are shown if the variable is correct. That works OK if you have a pretty short quiz, 5-8 questions but the results screen can look pretty odd with empty areas where the correct answers are (since they aren't being displayed) and populated areas where the incorrect answers are shown. If you have longer quizzes I don't think this would work unless you used multiple results slides. It would also get pretty complicated if you used question pools.

What would be really great is if you could have dynamic text place holders that were populated with whatever answers were wrong. For example, a two column layout with 4 text fields in each column. The first incorrect answer, no matter what question it was from, would populate the top left text field, the second incorrect answer populates the one below it, etc. until all 8 text fields are populated. Is this possible?

Any thoughts?

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