Using variables on multiple questions in a question bank

Jul 02, 2021

Hi Everyone

I am hoping someone can help with applying the same variable to multiple question slides, if this is feasible.

I am creating a course for a client where I have applied a remediation button to the failure layer of the results slide which allows the learner to review content again, related to specific questions they get wrong, and then retake the assessment.

The assessment is created in the following format, as an example.

  • There are 6 learning outcomes in the module.
  • Each learning outcome has a question bank associated with it (with a varying number of questions in each). In total there are 30 questions and 15 of those are pulled to make up the final assessment.
  • Each question within the individual question bank has a number variable associated with it and the following triggers are set: 
    • Set the variable to 1 when the slide starts
    • Set the variable to 2 if they choose the correct answer
    • Set the variable to 3 if they choose the wrong answer
  • There is a button for each learning outcome on the failure layer that is set to disabled on start of layer. There is a trigger set to change the state of this button to normal if the variable for that learning outcome equals 3.

So, at the moment, the learner has to get every question wrong within a particular question bank for that button to change to normal.

For Example:

Question bank one has 6 questions, and 3 of these questions will be included in the assessment. I have associated the number variable LO1 to each of the question slides within this bank. 

Is there a way to set it so that if the learner gets one of these questions wrong and two correct, the remediation button will still change to normal, or will I have to apply a separate variable for every question (which would then mean that I need 30 remediation buttons on the failure layer - one for every question).


I really hope this makes sense and that someone can provide an easier solution.

Kind regards


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