Using variables to mark course completion

Hello!  I have a course that has 85 slides divided between 4 scenes.  There is no quiz. I set the tracking preference so that the user must visit 67 slides (80%) in order to mark course completion.

Is there any way that once the 68th slide has been visited, a pop-up message would appear telling the user that they have completed the course requirement. Could this pop-up also have a link to a completion/certificate page?

I know this can be done with variables, I just don't know what the variable would be and where it would be put within the course.

Thanks for your help.

Guy Armstrong

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Christoph Krieger

What you need for this:

  • One slide which can not be reached through Navigation (Navigation tree and next previous button)
  • Design this slide in the way you want to say, that the course is completed
  • One variable called like "slidecount" set as "number" and start with "0"
  • One variable per slide like "viewed1, viewed2, viewed3,..." set as "boolean", start with "false"
  • Set triggers like this in the same order on each slide:
  • adjust variable "slidecount" and add +1 when timeline starts and the condition "viewed1 == false" ("viewed2 == false, ... on the other slides)
  • adjust variable "viewed1 == true" when timeline starts ("viewed2 == true, ... on the other slides)
  • Go to "master slide" and set the trigger "show lightbox" and reference to the in step one created slide with the condition that the variable "slidecount >= 68"


Attached is a test file.


For explanation: The viewed variables are for that reason, that on each slide the value of slidecount is only set once and not again on revisiting.


Guy Armstrong


Thanks for your response, I will give this a try.

Question – does this strategy require that the user access the slides in order?

The idea behind the course is that the user can bounce around within the course, visiting various slides, but when the 48th slide has been visited the course should be marked as complete.