Using Variables to show visited states

Aug 30, 2018


I'm trying to use variables to change the state of objects as the user progresses through a scene. I'm fairly new to storyline 3 and variables, though...and what I'm doing isn't working. Any advice? Here's what I've tried so far...

1. I've got a variable designated for each slide.

2. then I added an "adjust variable when timeline starts" trigger on each slide.

3. then I used a "change state to visited when [x] variable changes" trigger on the objects that had been previously viewed in the scene.

4. I have set the slide settings to resume saved state.

The process above didn't work. Any help is appreciated!  TIA!


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Tom Kuhlmann

two things:

  1. I'd create a custom state rather than visited because visited has some built-in functionality based on user clicking on the object. Not a big deal, but a good practice.
  2. The variable is changing on the slide when the timeline starts. Assuming there's a menu slide that is being revisited, the object state usually isn't change when variable changes. Instead, it's change the state when timeline of the slide starts on the condition that variable = X.

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