Using Variables within layers

Mar 07, 2014

Please can someone help?

Within my tutorial I have a slide with mulitple layers, including audio which in turn have hotspot buttons to other layers within the same slide.

I have created a variable called playOnce that is setup that if the layer is clicked on a 2nd time that it should not play the audio.  Sadly this works lovely, but only once within that slide.

I then created and saved multiple variables to be used throughout the slide based on the same principle of true and false... sadly with no luck :(


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Michael Hinze

Hi Patricia, welcome to the community. See attached file that I adapted from a previous example. There are five buttons on the baselayer, which each show a layer. On each layer, there is a trigger that plays the layer's audio, when a variable is false. Another trigger changes the variable to true once the layer's audio has been played to the end. This way, the audio for each layer only plays the first time around. Hope that's what you wanted.

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