Using video in your eLearning course?

Aug 18, 2015


I was wondering if anyone is using videos in their eLearning courses? Videos that you are creating in-house. Would you be willing to share that experience and process flow? Are you using a green-screen? Are you hiring professional actors or using employees you work with? Did you write a script? Are you using a professional camera or your iPhone? Were the costs reasonable and cost effective?

We are beginning to incorporate video and are building a lab with a green screen. I am interested in learning if anyone out there is or has created their own video and  what that experience has been like.

Thank you!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Annette,

You may also want to post this query in the Building Better Courses side of the forums, as the "best practice" type posts tend to get more response there. Also, here are a couple that may similar threads or articles that may help get you started with some general video best practices:

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Best of luck! 

Mark Heron

Hi Annette,

From a production point of view, I use prosumer DSLRs for video.

Using cheap LED lights you can set up some nice looking interviews - the DSLR lenses throw out the background focus to give a 'pro' look. Just get a sturdy tripod. Haven't used green-screen as I prefer the natural look.

If you have Creative Cloud, you can use Premiere for editing the video straight from the camera.

One major issue I have run into is filming employees who chat away merrily in a rehearsal but  freeze as soon as the lights go on and the camera starts to roll!

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