Video green screen in Google but working in IE?

I've trawled the discussions, but everything relating to similar issues seems quite old (more than 2 years). So....

I have a course that I have screen recording screens in which have suddenly stopped working in Chrome. I've been publishing these to Review 360 and stakeholders have been able to see the videos until now. Nothing that I'm aware of has changed. They are presented with a green screen (as pictured) and can hear the audio.

I've tried publishing in HTML5 only and with Flash fall back but no change. 

The video works in preview (but intermittently I'll get the green screen) and if I try to move the video onto another slide it appears green.  The video works fine in Internet Explorer.

Our organisation use Google Chrome as it's default browser so I am not in favour of telling users to open in IE. 

Disclaimer - I'm a 'green' Storyline user with limited IT experience so please dumb it right down if you have a technical response :) 

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Ren Gomez

Hi Sarah,

I'm sorry you're running into an issue where you see a green screen appear instead of your screen recordings!

This looks similar to a bug we've fixed in the past, but our support engineers are best equipped to help you confirm that. Please share your .story file with us using the link below, and they can lend you a hand with testing, as well as provide next steps!

Share your file with us.