Using video lectures in Storyline 360

Feb 04, 2018

I have a Client who has 60 pre-recorded video lectures to be split across 3 modules. Each video is roughly 30 mins long and he would like to use Articulate to insert quiz questions after the first 20 mins, and then continue. I'm inclined to say that it is unlikely that this should all be packaged together. Wouldn't this be incredibly large? My understanding is that it is not possible to spread a single video across multiple slides in Articulate. Any advice on how to treat with video lectures?

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Michael Anderson

That sounds like about 10 hours of video per module. Not too bad if learners have quizzes throughout the module and not just at the end. Yes, that could make for a large project file depending on the size and quality of the videos.

I've had clients in the past that could not host any video content from their LMS, so all videos  had to be embedded in Storyline from the particular streaming platform (Vimeo, Youtube, VideoJS, etc.). This is one way to keep your project file small if you have a lot of video content. One caveat is that you have to use javascript triggers to detect when the video completes, so these will not work if you want to use the Articulate Mobile Player.

You can spread a single video across multiple slides by first editing the long source video into separate smaller videos.

David Anderson

One way to mix up the pacing in the videos is to layer simple questions over the videos to create a click-and-explore example. Learners can click buttons to answer questions, get more info, or uncover additional resources.

Here's an example w/ download to give you an idea of how it might work in your own project:

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