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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard
Cindy Turner

If I use audio, I use it consistently on all main screens, but I might leave it off and instead use text on screen for the following:
- Quiz questions
- Feedback layers
- Marker text
- Some types of "click and read" interactions

I've read some research that says it's better from a cognitive psychology standpoint to allow people to read certain things at their own pace so they can absorb the information better (instead of just hearing it once). The things in the list above usually fit that.

I also use Audacity to edit my voice recordings. I usually speak slowly when I record to enunciate and avoid flubbing up, but then I speed up my voice in Audacity as well as remove breathe sounds and other noises. I was recently given the tip to record using my iPhone's voice memos feature. I tried it and it turned out really clear. I've used professional microphones that sounded a lot worse, so I think I will be using my iPhone from now on!