Using Web Object to Embed a You Tube video in Storyline 360

Feb 18, 2019

Can you still embed YouTube videos using the Web Object method outline here:

It was a work around when YouTube no longer supported the Articulate Embed but that now works. It has some useful extras though - like hiding related videos and also starting the video at a specific point.

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Marty Doupe


If I use a web object to incorporate a youtube video - should I be able to view/play that youtube video on the SL screen, without forcing the course to open a new browser window?

1. When I try to use a web object and youtube - after publishing, the web object indicates it can't connect to youtube.

2. When I use 'test link' on the Insert Web Object panel - the result indicates a new browser window must be launched to use a web object for a youtube video 


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