Using * with trigger conditions

I've got a Role entry field which I need to evaluate to determine whether the person is a manager or not.  What I want to do is evaluate if they have the word 'manager' or 'supervisor' etc in their role without specifically asking them if they are a part of management. 

I noticed that only Equal To and Not Equal To conditions are allowed in trigger conditions. I can't seem to use an asterisk to denote includes such as *manager* to find out if they have the word manager in their role.  This seriously limits my abilities.  Any other workarounds?


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Nancy Woinoski

Stephen Lee-Burman said:

Okay, another option would be to have a drop down list to choose roles from but I believe that's not available either.  Do you or anyone else have any workarounds or am I simply stuck?

There are a number of different ways you could do this but can you give me an idea about how many different roles you need to list?

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Stephen, I was thinking that you might be able to do this using JavaScript and variables but a simpler solution would be to create a fake dropdown box. I just spend a couple minutes putting one together for you. I put the instructions on how to create it in the notes in the story file.

Mine is rough. You could probably do a lot to make it more elegant but it does the trick.