Utilizing a pre-test

Nov 24, 2013

If we wanted to utilize a pre-test, what would be the best way to incorporate it?

I know the LMS will not be able to analyze both the pre-test with the post test in the same module.  I'm thinking somehow collecting the pre-test data and displaying it in the post test as a comparison.

Would I be able to collect the pre-test score data and display it with the post test data?  Can the results variable for the pretest and the post test be different?

Hopefully, I wasn't too vague with the question.



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Maryam Sadigh


I've been searching the community for a solution for the pre-test and post-test (two different banks), but the workarounds are not the solution that I'm looking for. So, same scenario using Articulate 360:


> if passed > mark complete in LMS

> if didn't pass > take the course > post -test > passed > mark complete

For LMS reporting, Articulate only uses one quiz result. I don't want to 'compare' the results. How do I use the logic so LMS would mark the course completion using either score trigger. Appreciate any support.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Maryam!

How is your LMS tracking progress?

Here are the options in Storyline 360:

  • Track using number of slides viewed: Mark this option to trigger course completion when learners view a specific number of slides.
  • Track using quiz result: Mark this option to track learners based on their quiz results. If your course has multiple quizzes, choose the one you want to track. (This option will be grayed-out if your course doesn’t have any result slides.)
  • Track using complete course trigger: Mark this option to track learners based on course completion triggers you added to your course. (This option is grayed-out if your course doesn't have any completion triggers.)

I'd like to test your file on my end so I can find a solution! Would you mind sharing your file with us? You can either attach it to this discussion using the Add Attachment button or if you'd rather share it privately then here's a secure upload link. I'll report back with my findings!

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