Storyline 3 Tracking Pre-test and Post-test results

Feb 09, 2018


I'm hoping that someone in the community has encountered this and can help. We need to create a pre-test and post-test in one course.  We also need to be able to track the results of the pre-test and post-test to determine:

  • If the user passed the pre-test or post-test to received credit for course.
  • Both the pre-test and post-test scores.  
  • A Nice to have, but not needed: Question level results. 

It seems that the suspend data holds the information, but has anyone developed a trigger to send that data to an LMS been successful? 

Open to all ideas!

Thank you!


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Kevin Clemence

We did not have a need for knowing if credit is received via pre or post test completion so I did not test this out. Our SME also did not care what passing score was achieved but only that the team member passed. I created a slide with a T/F question (0.25 sec in length) that is automatically set to true and submitted using triggers. This is the slide I linked both pre and post test result slides to (from their success layers). This new T/F question slide then feeds into a 3rd results slide that calculates final course results based on that single T/F question. The final step is setting the course tracking on the publish page to use the 3rd results slide to provide credit. This is a slight modification to what I shared earlier but works for our need. Good luck.

Alison Coops

Hi Kevin, I know this post is old, but I think it's exactly what I need.  Our scenario is very similar, but I broke the course into sections and for each question a user gets right, they test out of that section, but have to complete the remaining sections to continue to the final quiz.  I had to manually create the pre-test questions.  They look just like the final quiz questions, but each one sets a variable as to whether they have to take that section of the course.  So the user takes the pretest.  If they get 100%, it branched them to the conclusion and they're done.  If they miss one or more questions, they get branched to complete the sections that they missed, then to the final quiz. So if they got 100% on the pretest, or if they got 80% or better on the final quiz, I want it to pass a "Complete" to the LMS. In your description above, you say you just set the T/F to True, but what if they didn't pass either quiz?  I want it to set to true if Pretest (my variable) is equal to 10 or Results.ScorePercent is >= 80.  Otherwise I want it to stay false.  Or did you use a different method, having it only reach the T/F question if they passed one of the quizzes? I'm using Storyline 3.  Thanks.

Alison Coops

OK, I went the direction of only branching to the T/F question if they had passed the pretest or the final quiz, then I was having trouble getting the question to automatically set to True.  Then I realized that on my 13.5 inch laptop "Change state of" is off the screen and I could have done it my original way.  Sigh.  I wish Storyline had a menu that was responsive to window size. I think I have it working now.