Storyline 3 Tracking Pre-test and Post-test results


I'm hoping that someone in the community has encountered this and can help. We need to create a pre-test and post-test in one course.  We also need to be able to track the results of the pre-test and post-test to determine:

  • If the user passed the pre-test or post-test to received credit for course.
  • Both the pre-test and post-test scores.  
  • A Nice to have, but not needed: Question level results. 

It seems that the suspend data holds the information, but has anyone developed a trigger to send that data to an LMS been successful? 

Open to all ideas!

Thank you!


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Kevin Clemence

We did not have a need for knowing if credit is received via pre or post test completion so I did not test this out. Our SME also did not care what passing score was achieved but only that the team member passed. I created a slide with a T/F question (0.25 sec in length) that is automatically set to true and submitted using triggers. This is the slide I linked both pre and post test result slides to (from their success layers). This new T/F question slide then feeds into a 3rd results slide that calculates final course results based on that single T/F question. The final step is setting the course tracking on the publish page to use the 3rd results slide to provide credit. This is a slight modification to what I shared earlier but works for our need. Good luck.