Vanishing animated gifs in SABA

We have been experimenting with loading our eLearnings into our new LMS (SABA Enterprise vr. 7.x). We have found that when we do this the animated gifs we have in an eLearning don't show up. They are there when we run the published folder offline to check it, but as soon as we upload it to SABA they are gone. Anyone have any ideas what might be happening?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Mike.  I wouldn't expect your GIFs to disappear.  

  • Can you tell me in what browser you're seeing this happen, and if you are viewing the Flash or the HTML5 output?
  • Do you have a web (non-LMS) server where you can test your content for comparison?

I'm happy to publish and upload your .story file on my end for testing, too, if you'd like to attach it in the discussion.  Thanks!

Mike Mohr

Hi Crystal, Thanks for the reply. We think we have it narrowed down to a browser issue. We have everything working now. We think it had something to do with flash not kicking in on the browser end. A pop up appeared requesting flash permission and then - BINGO! Now everything works. We also discovered that when uploading zipped folders into the SABA repository that you should upload a brand new one and not overwrite the old one. That caused us even more playback problems.