Variable and Trigger Guru Eyes Needed!

May 08, 2015

Hi All,

I am in a trigger/variable forest.  I have a carousel/timeline like story that I've been working on and I am so hoping for a set of guru eyes.

I used a template from the elearning brothers for a timeline.  It originally came with 10 images.  I added one image (referenced as image 11N) and the triggers associated with it to work within the timeline.  When I click on the right navigation arrow, the triggers and motions paths all seem to be working for all 11 images.  When I click on the left navigation arrow, after 2 images move, the states triggers aren't working. 

I may not be explaining it correctly and I apologize.  Perhaps you could just preview it and see what it's doing.  Click right and left navigation and you'll see.  

I am really stumped and like many of you, pressed to complete this project.

I am grateful for any and all help you can offer.

Thank you so much!

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Lisa Anderson

Hi Wendy

Thanks for checking it out.  The images in fact do move, yes.  When you navigate using the right arrow, the images move to the right.  When they are in the center, in addition to the layer appearing, the state changes showing the text box in a white area.  If move through all the images to the right, it behaves perfectly.

When you begin navigating by selecting the left arrow, the first image moves left and the center image is displayed correctly.  When you continue to navigate only to the left, the state does not change in the center, it changes when the image moves to the left.  Somewhere, I think my count is off, but I can't find it in the triggers.  Adding the one image, effected things, which I corrected to the right, but can't find to the left!

It's totally mind boggling.

Lisa Anderson

Hi Wendy,

Thanks again for taking a look.  The left and right navigation arrows both have a trigger to count when selected.  The other triggers are focusing on which path and when to move the image (this helps determine it's position.)  

The state images on image 3 - 11 were created using the format painter, so I wouldn't have to do each one separately.  They appear just fine when you click right or left, it's just that it's off somewhere by 1.  The current state displays when it's off center to the left; hence off 1.

I did, for giggles, import into a new publication; no changes.

Boggling, huh?  Crazy...!

Wendy Farmer

Hi Lisa

I think it has to do with how you are adding and subtracting from the 186700Ctr.  When the timeline starts your trigger changes the variable from 0 to 1 before you click a pic, then when the pics start moving to the right you +1 each time.

Going the other way, the timeline starts variable changes from 0 to 1 and then when your first trigger on Left nav is to -1 taking it back to 0 before it starts counting.  I just can't see what needs to change in your triggers - sorry

Lisa Anderson

Solution.  I was having quirky things happening after my upgrade to version 5 SL2.  I re-installed the previous version and my problem is solved.  

I also had to completely recreate the slide with all the triggers and variables from scratch, making no changes and all worked fine.  SL was misbehaving after after all the cutting and pasting and just got stuck. 

Much thanks to Wendy for all her suggestions and to the rest of the community.  It's great to have such a cool group of folks to help talk us off the ledge sometimes!


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