Variable assistance

I'm hoping there is a variable guru out there that can assist with the mess I'm getting myself in.  I was given a template for an idea I am trying to create and I've played around with the variables so much so that I am going in circles.  I've also lost the original discussion to go back to the person but I'm hoping fresh eyes can help me out.

I'm building a recommendation engine so that based on particular answers you will be recommended to study certain topics.

Q1. Where is the True/False feedback on the individual slides coming in from.

Q2. My feedback is not correctly recommending the right options

Q3 . How do I get a result so in Topic 1 Q1 AND Q2 must be correct to get a true answer in the slide feedback.

I hope I am clear and would appreciate any advice to get me back on track.

Thanks in advance - Cheryl

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Walt Hamilton

The T/F feedback is coming from the Master layout of the Master slide.

Topic 1  Replace this trigger:


with this one:


The first one doesn't work, because it depends on Q2 being true, and Q2 isn't set until the next slide.  This is assuming that the question on slide one and 2 is "Do you need more practice?"

The toggling at the beginning of the timeline seems to do what you want.

I didn't have time to look at all the triggers. but this should get you started.