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Jan 07, 2014


I have a series of slides which I am using for questions, with multiple choice options set up with buttons leading to the appropriate following slide.

I want to incorporate a button on the slide which will let the user reveal the correct answer for a question if they are stuck, however, I only want the user to be able to do this once, so if they reveal the answer to question 6, I still want it to show on the following slides but to be disabled.

Is this a possibility or am I chasing rainbows and unicorns (it wouldn't be the first time).



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Matthew Swift

Hi Gerry,

I was using a correct and incorrect layer, however, I have opted for an incorrect layer and if the correct response is selected it will go to the next slide which provides feedback and is automatically moved onto the next slide and question. I wanted to try and reduce the interaction to make the slides advance.

Gerry Wasiluk


I'd create a T/F variable to track if a correct answer has been given, with an initial value of false.

The first time a button is clicked, I'd have two triggers occur.  One would show the correct answer.  The second would set the variable to true.

Then for each of the buttons to show the correct answer, I'd have a slide trigger that would turn them to hidden when your variable was true (I hate to show buttons to learners when they don't work or have been disabled).

Would something like that work?

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