Variable Characters - they change alright, but the pose doesn't

Apr 02, 2020

I followed the tutorial to create a variable (text) to choose between 4 characters. On subsequent pages, the characters change as they should, but their pose doesn't. So if they select the 'normal' state character, her pose will change as I set it up to, but if they choose one of the other 3 characters they maintain the same pose throughout. Is there an additional trigger I need to make them change poses too? 

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Angela,

I'm not sure how you've set up your characters and their poses, but I assume you are using triggers to change the state of the character to its new pose. That being the case, you will need triggers set up for each character to change its state on each slide that it appears.

In the attached example, I have set up a couple of characters with three poses for each and a series of buttons to select the character and then select the pose. I have also set up a text variable (CharacterSelected), which is set to "Gail" or "Laura" depending on which character is selected. The pose selection buttons then change the character's pose using triggers which are conditional based on the value of the CharacterSelected variable.

The initial state of both characters is Hidden and they are changed to Normal when the appropriate character selection button is clicked.

Hope this helps.

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