Variable Housekeeping

Nov 15, 2012

I'm not sure if I'm asking this correctly, but once a variable is named and created, can (should) it be re-used in different projects if it performs the same function in each?

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Jesse Spinella

Lets say you've either imported a slide (or a scene) with a bunch of variables attached to objects and layers.

Or, even if you've just copied an object from one project to another with variables attached to it, once its imported into your new project, it won't effect the other

Now you will find that certain variables will have to be relinked to an object because the names are different but once they're in, that's it.


Mike Enders


Jesse's correct.  

Let's say I add a variable to project A (let's say a text variable that I label as "username").  And then I add a reference to that variable on one of my slides in project A.  Finally, I copy that particular slide to Project B.  

What will happen is that variable will be recreated in Project B.   So there's no connection with the original variable over in project A.

Jeff Nauman

Mike and Jesse... that 'splains it perfectly. As crazy as it sounds, I had completely ignored the fact that I had imported the slide ages ago and didn't think about those variables coming in to a new project that way. If I had simply cranked up a new project and checked the variable list, the light would have come on. Thank you both for your responses.


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