Variable not changing as expected

Hi All, I am working on a slide with a quiz-type interaction, and is set up like this:

User has to correctly click on a part of a screen capture image. They get 1 point for that. Then they have to enter a value in a numeric entry field. They should get 1 point for that if they enter the correct value of 0.25, or else they get zero. 

  1. I set it up with a variable "Z_Axis_Pos_Score" that changes from the default of 0 to 1, when the user clicks on the correct part of the screen capture image. That works.
  2. I have another variable "Z_Axis_Value" that sets the value of that variable to the typed value. That works too.
  3. There is a trigger that should set a third variable "Z_Axis_Value_Score" to 1 when the Z_Axis_Value = 0.25. This is not working. It sets to the typed value of  Z_Axis_Value instead.

...any ideas?


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Walt Hamilton



There is at least a small chance that this trigger checks the 03_Z_Axis_Value before it is changed. Set the "When" part to "When variable 03_Z_Axis_Value changes". If that doesn't fix it, there are a lot of reasons why it isn't working. Attach the .story file here so someone can take a look at it.