Variable Point Values

Jul 08, 2013

Hi everyone, 

I have an idea for an activity that I'd like to create, but I'm not sure how to do it. Basically, I'd like users to respond to a series of questions and the faster they answer the questions, the more points they receive.

I assume that in order to do this I would have to create two variables -- one True/False and one Numeric. As long as the first variable is True, the value of the second variable would decrease. Upon selecting the correct answer, the first variable would switch to False and the value of the second value would stop decreasing.

What I'm unsure of, however, is how I would regulate the speed at which the Numeric variable decreases and then how I would assign that value as points.

Any ideas?

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Sara Reller

I'm not sure that you can do that (but it would be something I could see value in so I'm hoping if someone knows how they respond!)

What you could do is duplicate your question slide and have them advance automatically. The first one advances after 15 seconds, the second after 30, the last manually. This would give users the ability to answer on 3 different time scales and you could give points differently for each one. You obviously wouldn't want to do this with something that was a drag and drop or a fill in the blank. You'd also want to set up branching so you could jump to the next one instantly. The easiest I think would be doing this with a hotspot set "On Click" and you could have it not have feedback (or have the feedback on a subsequent slide) so they'd move pretty quickly thru the questions.

I'm interested to see what other suggestions people might have as well.

Antony Snow

Hi Kristian and Sara,

Rather than using duplicate question slides that auto advance, you could control the points awarded on the same slide as per the attached. Basically, I have added 5 text boxes with 1-5 in them and set their duration on the timeline to 2 seconds so they appear 1 after the other - I have kept them on the slide so you can see the clock counting down, but they can be moved off-screen if you don't want the user to see it. I have then created a number variable for each question (Q1 and Q2) and set the initial value to 0. Finally, I have added triggers to adjust this variable according to which text box has a normal state when the user clicks on 'submit'.

As a bonus, I have added a reference to each variable on the correct feedback to indicate what the user scored.

I have only used an MCQ in this example but I assume that the principle would work for any question type?

Does this help you in any way?


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