Variable problem

Apr 18, 2013


I have a slide with a base layer and 6 additional layers.  I want it to jump to the next slide when the learner has clicked a box on each of the 6 additional layers and the 6 graphics (That take them to the 6 layers) are in a Visited state.

I created a variable called AllVisited.  Then I added a trigger to each layer to add 1 to the varaible AllVisited when the user clicks a certain box.

On the base layer I added a trigger that says Jump to Next Slide when AllVisited is equal to or greater than 6.

It's still not working.  Any ideas?


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Jill Rashdi

Hey Annie,

I did try that and it works.  The only downside is that I wanted there to be the illusion they were on the same slide, but I needed some animation to happen.  That's why I put the content on a new slide instead of a new layer.

But, at least I have a solution.

If anyone knows a different trick, I'm all ears.


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