Variable problem


I have a slide with a base layer and 6 additional layers.  I want it to jump to the next slide when the learner has clicked a box on each of the 6 additional layers and the 6 graphics (That take them to the 6 layers) are in a Visited state.

I created a variable called AllVisited.  Then I added a trigger to each layer to add 1 to the varaible AllVisited when the user clicks a certain box.

On the base layer I added a trigger that says Jump to Next Slide when AllVisited is equal to or greater than 6.

It's still not working.  Any ideas?


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Michael Hinze

Hm, this works for me. See attached file and here is the published version that I built based on your description (hope I didn't misunderstand). I also added a condition to the triggers that increase the variable to prevent users from achieving the "complete" by simply going to the same layer six times.

Jill Rashdi

Hey Annie,

I did try that and it works.  The only downside is that I wanted there to be the illusion they were on the same slide, but I needed some animation to happen.  That's why I put the content on a new slide instead of a new layer.

But, at least I have a solution.

If anyone knows a different trick, I'm all ears.


Jill Rashdi


I've noticed that often I'm able to make things happen with variables on simple slides that do not work when they become more complex.  I wonder if something about the other triggers that I have on my slide is affecting the final trigger.  Maybe there's an ordering issue?

Thanks for your input!


Annie Jean

Hi Jill,

If I understood well the structure of your slide, you want them to jump to the next slide when they click on the button inserted on the layer... You could then add the trigger to the buttons on the layers and make sure that the trigger to "add 1 to AllVisited" is before the trigger to move to next slide.

Does it help?