Variable References

Hi all,

I'm having trouble getting variable references to display properly. I've created a series of rectangles that display text from various text entry fields. Initially, the text was displaying too small, so I adjusted the rectangles to display at a larger size (from font size 8 to 16). However, this alteration seems to have no impact on the output.

Furthermore, all of the rectangles are setup (to my eyes) the same way, yet one pair displays differently than the rest (the font size appears to be one to two pts. larger).

Is there something I'm missing about variable references? I know that the user has to have the font installed and it doesn't work on mobile devices, but I haven't seen any reason why it shouldn't work on standard PCs.


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Greg Faust

By variable references, I assume you mean something like %YourVariable%?

If you haven't already, right-click the shape; select Format Shape; select the Text Box tab. Play around with the Autofit properties.

If nothing in that menu helps, maybe post a sample project, and someone can figure out the problem by looking at it.