Variable scoring across a multiple response question

In training we often get asked if you can vary the scoring across a multiple response question, partial points if you get 2 out of 3, for example. There have been several variations on this theme posted over the years and I've got to the point where I can't always find the example I'm looking for and have somehow misplaced my own working templates.

So, I've built a new one I thought I'd share.

In this example there are 5 answer options: 3 correct 2 incorrect. I've set up the scoring system to give points for the correct ones you choose, and take away points if you pick any of the incorrect options. If you don't want to take away any points, just skip the Subtract triggers.

The slide isn't pretty - I've never claimed to be anything close to a graphic designer - but it works, and I've put all the instructions in the notes panel.

This first version is in SL360, but I'll add the SL2 & SL3 versions in the comments section.

Hope it helps, and hope your version look prettier!


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