Variable slow to update and if submit is clicked may not update at all

I'm trying to use a variable to count when a user has completed a quiz slide. I cannot use a click on the submit button to count because some questions allow a user to "try again" so I'm using the end of the timeline for the slide (I also tried using the end of the timeline for the quiz element). Unfortunately when the timeline ends is not so clear because if a user hits the submit button very quickly, the slide's timeline apparently never ends and the variable is not updated.


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Lisa Heyden

Apparently there is no way to know when the user has actually moved to the next slide. The "timeline" is simply some arbitrary number of seconds, even though the slide is not actually doing anything. So how do I tell Storyline that the user has completed all of the events on the current slide?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Lisa,

The default timeline is 5 seconds, and then adjusted longer if you've include media elements that are longer in length. Could you set the variable to adjust based on the timeline starting? The user answering correctly? I'm not sure what your exact needs are in regards to the quiz completion, but you could use the results slide to ensure the user as hit all possible questions - or track by total number of slides seen. 

Lisa Heyden

Ok, I just changed the variable to change from false to true once a user has passed a particular slide.

The only problem with this solution, which will probably work just fine in this situation, is that users could potentially return to a previous quiz slide before they passed the ending slide. If they do that they will see the submit button again, although I'm not sure whether or not they could potentially change their answer. In thinking about it, it's very unlikely someone would attempt to do this. I'm a bit of perfectionist with this stuff, so that bugged me.

It might work with the start of the timeline. I have to think about that.

Thanks for your quick responses!