Variable values not saved on Resuming course


I have created a simple example of a slide at the end of the course which gives the user two options.

When the timeline starts a custom variable is set to true.

The user can either select "yes" or "no" to go back through the course.

If the user selects "no" another custom variable is set to true.

The user is then prompted to close the course.

Upon resuming the course both custom variables have reverted back to their initial "false" values.

Instead what is meant to happen when the user selects "no" is that when they resume the course the course initially lands on the "no" layer sees that the first custom variable is set to true and automatically go to another slide. As the variable values are not remembered this obviously does not happen.

I have put the variables in percentages so I can see their values

Set the Player to Always resume

Set the slide to Resume saved state when revisiting

The course is published as SCORM 1.2 and I have tested it in SCORM Cloud and my own LMS unsuccessfully.

I have attached the Story file for ref because I am stuck!



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Crystal Horn

Hey, Phil.  Thanks for the explanation of what's happening.  It looks like you're experiencing an issue that we've discovered:  If you assign a value to a variable in the current slide, exiting the same slide and resuming will not retain the value.

The current workaround is to navigate to another slide before closing the course.  The variable value should then be retained.  Will it work to create a slide that is identical to your "No" layer, and to jump to that slide when the learner clicks No?

In the meantime, I'll add this conversation to our report so we can update you with any changes to the current behavior.

Quick note - it looks like this discussion post came through 3 times to our forum.  I deleted the other 2 duplicates.  It can happen if there's an interruption to your connection.  Let me know if that doesn't sound right!