I am attempting to let the learner choose from 3 options to progress to the next scenes. When doing so, I am setting the variable to true once the user picks a specific object. The idea is to have the user view all 3 options, in what ever order they choose before progressing forward. The user must view all 3 objects before progressing. The problem I am having is once the user clicks an object and goes to that scene, the variable does not turn true once returned to the original slide because the slide is resetting itself? I have overlooked the variable setup multiple times and I have came to the conclusion it's not working because the slide keeps resetting itself once the learner gets pointed back (after viewing a scene from clicking on an object). I hope this makes sense. All help is greatly appreciated. 


Thank you!

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Jeff

in the slide properties of the slide with 3 objects, change the option to 'resume saved state' when revisiting.

Variables are global so if you set the variable to true when the user clicks an object then it will remain 'true' until another trigger to turn it to 'false'. 

Check your trigger order when the user clicks the object that the variable changes before jumping to the scene or slide.

Tristan Hunt

Where have you set the variable? In the order of actions is it after the user has jumped to another side? If so it won't be triggering the variable to change.

I normally set the trigger to change the variable on the timeline start of the last slide of a scene/section rather than on the menu slide.



Walt Hamilton


I prefer to set it after the material on the last slide, rather than the beginning. I already have something there to return to the menu, and can use it to also set the variable. Doing it at the end rather than the beginning increases the chances the user will progress through the material on the last slide.