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Oct 22, 2015

I have an entry slide with 5 clickable rectangles. Each rectangle goes to a (scene) path. The last slide in the path (each scene) has a trigger to change a true/false variable to true with a click on a hotspot. The initial state of the variable is false. I hide the Next button when the timeline starts.  

I have an additional variable that "should" redisplay the Next button when all 5 of the scene variables are true and the page visits variable is >= 5. Doesn't seem to work. Any thoughts? 

The story is too large to upload, so I'll add images of the triggers. 

Thanks for any help.

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DJ Trent

Darn it. I spoke too soon. It worked once, in preview, but won't work at all in published material. 

I'm attaching my triggers and a shot of my entry slide. I've put counters on the entry slide for each variable. I can see that all the Next button trigger requirements are met, but the button just doesn't show up. 

Thanks to all for the info!

John Krikorian

I've done exactly this same kind of thing but I set it up a different way.

The way I would do it is this:

  • Attach a trigger to each of the clickable rectangles.
  • Each rectangle has an associated T/F variable. (var_Rectangle1, 2, etc...)
  • When clicking the rectangles do all the following:
    • Change the associated variable from F to T for this rectangle
    • Change the status of the Next button to enabled IF all 5 rectangle variables are T (Order here is important, you must change the F to T first, then do this check. Also remember that they are launching into a new scene, so they won't "see" the enabled Next button on the slide until they return from the scene.)

It's true that in this case, I had to duplicate a lot of checking of variables, but I've found that this method seems to work most of the time and all the checking and variables are handled on this one slide and not flung across a bunch of scenes.

I hope this helps!

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