Variables across the project

Hi there! Fairly new user here, and I have a quick question! I understand variables are not slide-based but project based. So if on one slide, I add a trigger and a variable changes value (number variable), why does it not seem to hold that value (carry it over) when the user advances to the next slide? 

For example, on one slide I have a trigger to add 1 to the variable if the user answers correctly, and then another trigger changes the state of an object if the variable is set to 1. That works fine! 

But when I click continue and go to the next slide, I want the state of an object to change depending on the value of the variable (two possible options), but it won't! I can't figure out if the value isn't carrying over from the previous slide or what is going on. Any help is MUCH appreciated! Thank you!

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Matthew Bibby

It's hard to say without seeing your project, but I suspect the issue may be with your triggers.

On the second slide, make sure your triggers are set to change the state of the object when the timeline starts (not when the variable changes).

If that doesn't fix it for you, please share your .story file here and someone will take a look.

R Graham

Thank you for your help... So I already had the trigger set to "when timeline starts." The first image (with red circles) is from the working slide.

The second image (with gray circles) is from the slide that is NOT working.

Essentially what I'm trying to do is if a learner gets the question correct, the value of the variable is increased by 1 and the timeline state advances to 2. If the learner gets the question wrong, the value of the variable decreases and the timeline state decreases. I would like to do this for four questions on different slides. 

Maybe there's an easier way to accomplish this?? Any help is much appreciated!