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Jun 26, 2012

Hi - hoping someone can help.

I have used a true/false variable to set up some conditional navigation  - the sections of the course the user will take will depend on which radio button is selected.   

I would like to put a 'block' on the next button in the player so if they don't select either of the radio buttons provided they do not progress to the next required slide.  I would also like to alter the state of a text box from hidden to normal to show a prompt if participant does not make selection before clicking next button.  .

I have viewed both presentations on  Using variables to enable and disable the Navigation buttons? -  how to use states or variables to prevent the end-user from advancing until certain conditions have been fulfilled:

but these ones seem dependent on having player one trigger and multiple conditions for the 'jump to next slide' interaction.  I have two player triggers as users need to go to either of two different slides dependent on the selection made. 

I have tried including additional triggers with conditions - not equal to true or false variable etc. - hoping this might work but to no avail.   If anyone can shed more light on this I would be happy to hear from you.



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Phil Mayor

Hi Cath I would use triggers on the next button with AND conditions

go to next slide if var1 AND var2 AND var3 = True AND radiobutton1 = selected etc for each radio button

And another trigger (add your instructions on this layer

Show layer if var1 ORvar2 ORvar3 = False

I would also set this layer to close on timeline end (in the cog on the layer, in the layers pane)

Nicky A

Hi friends

I am having trouble figuring out this variable issue...

Similar to the setup above I am setting up conditional navigation (if you select certain states you only have to take one of two parts, everyone else is two of two parts).

When you select your state it brings you to a confirm layer and yes = variable set.

For some reason this isn't working for me - the layers seem to have something going on - because the variable setting works fine on the base but isnt working for the layers!

Please help.

- Nicky

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